Our projects with Russia

Planning meeting for future civil society cooperation in the framework of the Hamburg-St. Petersburg city partnership (05-08.12.2019)

Bert Krause took part in a planning meeting for the preparation of future projects with NGO’s from St. Petersburg. Here you can find a short report. 

Participation in the Youth Ecology Forum in St. Petersburg (25-27.10.2019)

NEWS: Bert Krause visited the Youth Ecology Forum in St. Petersburg from 25-27.10.2019 as part of the city partnership Hamburg-St. Petersburg and introduced our association. He met many young, committed environmental activists. We very much hope that we can start joint projects with them in the future. You can find a short report here.

Study trip to Hamburg for students from Velikij Nowgorod

From  24. – 30. November 2019 aubiko organised a study trip for students from Novgorod. The focus was on economy, architecture and environment. Here you find a report on the trip in German. 

Study trip with student meeting St. Petersburg- Hamburg

From 29.04.-06.05.2019 a study trip for students of the Saint Petersburg State University of Economics will take place. Part of the trip is a meeting with students of the TU Hamburg-Harburg. Further information about the study trip can be found here. More about our offers for students

Second study trip of Novgorod students to Hamburg

From 24.05.-30.05.2020 we will again welcome students from Velikij Novgorod to give them an insight into the culture, economy and education system in Hamburg.

Contact seminar for school partnerships in Kaliningrad

On behalf of the Deutsche Auslandsgesellschaft and together with the DPJW and the Foundation of German-Russian Cultural Exchange, Julia Birnbaum-Crowson will take part in a contact seminar for school partnerships in Kaliningrad from 17. – 20. March.  The aim is to initiate school partnerships between Germany, Poland, and Russia.

Seminar on current regional studies for German teachers from Russia in Kaliningrad

On 21.03.2019, Julia Birnbaum-Crowson will conduct workshops at the Institute for Teacher Training on the topics „How to deal with the modern digital world in schools in Germany“ and „German digital. Station learning for dealing with the digital world“. Further information on our offers for teachers of German.