Our projects with Sweden

Internships for Swedish students in Germany

We are happy to support interested Swedish students in their search for internships in Germany. We are currently arranging internships for students from Perstorp High School. More about our internship program for Swedish students

Student meeting trips

School classes from Sweden have the opportunity to take part in a student exchange trip to Germany. Every year students from Perstorp come to Hamburg to get to know Germany and its people up close. More about the student meetings

Further training for German teachers

In cooperation with der Deutschen Auslandsgesellschaft in Lübeck, seminars and further training courses are regularly offered for foreign German teachers from Sweden. More about the training courses

Intercultural Trainings

aubiko e.V. prepares employees of companies from Germany for their work in Sweden in intercultural trainings. For example, Friederike Krause conducted a full-day seminar for MAN employees on February 1, 2019, arranged by KERN Training.

Seminar at the University of Jena

In cooperation with the University of Jena, Friederike Krause regularly offers seminars for students. These focus on the Scandinavian region, why it seems so successful, and what we have to ask to understand it. More about the seminar