Uni Jena

Us and Scandinavia 

In cooperation with the University of Jena, Friederike Krause regularly offers seminars for students. These focus on the Scandinavian countries, why they seem so successful, and what we have to ask to understand them.

Scandinavia is a place that inspires dreams. An ideal space or mostly positively occupied. Why is this so? And to what extent do these ideas correspond with reality? The goal of the seminars is to get to know and understand the Scandinavian countries. The following five questions will try to find an answer as part of the offer.

Part 1: Something about us – Us and Scandinavia

Part 2: So nearby and yet so far away – Why the Scandinavian cultures have become the way we perceive them today (history, economy, labor market policy, social welfare, religion, etc)

Part 3: Why you meet so many nice people in Scandinavia and rarely know anyone

Part 4: Stories to understand – learning from the experiences of others

Part 5: Successful in Scandinavia? (Application)

It is impossible to explain a culture within a few hours. It is even more impossible to introduce three or four cultures. Therefore the focus of the seminars is on the Danish culture. However, anyone interested in Sweden, Norway or Finland will certainly not be left out.