Our projects with Finland

The interest in Finland is great in Germany. Now we are only waiting for guests to visit our German students.



Gender appropriate language

Friederike Krause would like to invite you to a small, very culture-specific discourse, which on the one hand explains why this discussion is so emotional and important in Germany and why every(?) German teacher(?) should know how to do it correctly. Read more here!

Student meeting trips

School classes from Finland have the opportunity to take part in a school meeting trip to Germany. We offer fixed bookable offers, but are also happy to provide individual offers. More about the student meetings. We have prepared a small literary foretaste of a student encounter for the magazine of the Finnish German Teachers‘ Association here.

School trip Helsinki-Berlin (24-29.11.2019)

In November, we organized our first student exchange trip to Finland. Students from Helsinki Suomalainen Yhteiskoulu visited Berlin.  You can find more information here.

Courses and seminars for die Deutsche Auslandsgesellschaft

We regularly offer further training courses for German teachers from Scandinavia for die Deutsche Auslandsgesellschaft and have also trained many German teachers from Finland. Further Information

Seminar at the University of Jena

In cooperation with the University of Jena, Friederike Krause regularly offers seminars for students. These focus on the Scandinavian region, why it seems so successful, and what we have to ask to understand it. More about the seminar