Student trip Roskilde-Lübeck

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The year starts with an exciting student trip. 62 students from Roskilde, Denmark made their way to Lübeck. they spent a few exciting days there. They gained an insight into everyday school life in Germany and got to know the city of Lübeck better. 


monday 29.01.24

On Monday, 62 excited students from Roskilde, Denmark, arrived in the wonderful city of Lübeck. Due to the train strike, plans were quickly rearranged and the students travelled by bus. The sun was shining brightly, as if it was welcoming the Danes. Once they had settled into their rooms, they got straight down to exploring the city. An Action Bound rally took them through the most important places in the city. Various tasks ensured that they also got to know the city’s culture. After an eventful day, they enjoyed dinner together in the youth hostel before retiring to their rooms, exhausted, to recover from the day’s experiences.


tuesday 30.01.24

On Tuesday, the students were divided into two groups. One group stayed at the youth hostel and took part in a workshop organised by aubiko e.v. The workshop consisted of five stations where small tasks consolidated the German language in a playful way. The other group visited the Marzipan Museum and then had time to explore Lübeck on their own. In the afternoon, everyone gathered at the Hanseatic Museum, where the students were divided into four small groups and guided through the exhibition. Despite the language barrier, the Danish teachers‘ efforts helped to ensure that understanding ran smoothly. There was a lot to see and discover. In the evening, the group had access to the large dining room of the youth hostel and the students were able to listen to some music and chat before going to their rooms to sleep.


wednesday 31.01.24

On Wednesday, the workshop started after breakfast, this time for Group 2, while the other group visited the Holstentor Gemeinschaftschule. The German students gave the Danes a warm welcome, showed them around the school and took them to class. Lunch brought a few cultural surprises, such as Kaiserschmarren, which counted as a full meal. Nevertheless, they realised that the structure of the lessons was similar to that in Denmark. After visiting the school, they briefly explored the city centre before going to the Moslingen Youth Centre with the other group in the afternoon. The Danes were greeted with fresh waffles and the German children showed them around the huge building with its many play facilities. Everyone enjoyed the wide range of activities and made friends while dancing, playing and exploring. It was an eventful and exciting day for everyone involved. Many thanks to the Moslingen Youth Centre for their great hospitality!


thursday 01.02.24

On the last day, one group visited the school, while the other explored the Marzipan Museum. The Holstentor Gemeinschaftsschule organised an exciting morning for the Danish students. They were given an insight into everyday school life in Germany and were able to chat with the German students. At 2.00 pm, the whole group gathered at the youth hostel to collect their suitcases. They then travelled together by train to Hamburg. The students had another 1.5 hours in Hamburg before travelling to Denmark. An eventful trip comes to an end and we from aubiko e.v would like to thank you for the wonderful cooperation and look forward to welcoming you again soon. All the best from the aubiko team.