Language and Intercultural Training

We are offering language and intercultural trainings for all languages level.

Friederike Krause studied German as a Foreign and Second language as well as Intercultural Business Communication at the Friedrich-Schiller-University in Jena, Germany. During her studies she specialised on the conceptual design and realization of transnational and culture-specific trainings and coachings. She developed e-learning-modules for intercultural communication with focus on Scandinavia where she is working as a guest lecturer since. After her studies she worked for the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD), for German embassies as well as for the Carl-Duisberg-Centres.

Due to many multi-annual stays abroad, she possesses knowledge and expertise about the Chinese, Polish, Czech, Danish and Swedish culture. Since 2001 she conducts intercultural trainings for the above-listed countries, among others for the companies Lufthansa, Porsche, VW and the Deutsche Bahn. The foreign companies Scania, Ecco and Ikea belong to the list of her clients as well.

Aside, Friederike Krause gained extensive professional experiences in the area of management in the last 15 years. Together with Julia Birnbaum-Crowson, she manages the Non-Profit-Association for Exchange, Education and Communication “aubiko e.V.” (Verein für Austausch, Bildung und Kommunikation) which is based in Hamburg.

Julia Birnbaum-Crowson studied German as a Foreign and Second Language at the Friedrich-Schiller-University of Jena. During multi-annual stays abroad in Poland, the United States and the Ukraine, she gained extensive intercultural experiences in operating with diverse target groups. Since more than 10 years, Julia Birnbaum-Crowson teaches German as a foreign language in every level.

Since 2009, she conceptualizes and conducts courses for business German and business communication in companies and educational establishments (Tieto, Stuttgart, Nordkolleg Rendburg). She conducts advanced trainings with focus on German in everyday professional life (German foreign subsidiary, Lübeck)

Together with Friederike Krause, she founded the Non-Profit-Association for Exchange, Education and Communication aubiko e.V. (Verein für Austausch, Bildung und Kommunikatoin) under which she conceptualises and realizes educational projects in the intercultural and global context.

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