5 – Day – Trip to Budapest/Hungary

The capital of Hungary is listed amongst the UNESCO World Heritage Sites with its view of the Danube and the Castle Quarter of Buda – one of the most romantic parts of the city! This historic area is over 800 years old but its beautiful medieval monuments have been well preserved until today. The Danube river winds its way through Budapest and separates the city into the hillside Buda and the rather flat-landed Pest.

Significant sights in the city include Castle Hill with the Royal Palace or the rocky Gellért Hill with the Statue of Liberty and the Citadel. The city is famous for the many geothermal springs with the world’s largest thermal water cave system that has over 2000 years of history! Budapest is also characterized by its quirky streets, idyllic parks, the majestic river and the many church towers that rise as high as the clouds.

A city full of surprises and wonders, one of the most exciting metropoles with the second-oldest metro line in the world. It is a place full of secrets waiting to be revealed as well as hidden places and well-known sights that are waiting to be discovered anew. Above all, it is a city that is anything but boring.

Our next trip to Budapest from 27th June to 1st July 2017:

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