Trip to Leipzig (with an excursion to Berlin)

leipzig stadtwappen

Target group:

Norwegian school classes


The trip can foster German as a foreign language. It can also be used as a first step to attract students for German language and Germany. The whole project can also be provided in English. ​

​Goals of the trip: ​

  • to get knowledge on historical facts and actual polical development​s
  • to get to know Leipzig and Berlin (How is their history? Where are similarities, where are differences? What does it mean to be a „hip“ city? etc.)
  • Meeting with a German school class, school project focussing on „Media and Reality“

Travel Programme

Day 1

Arrival, Check in, Reception & Introduction

Day 2

Morning: Workshop Part I: „Historical developments and actual political discourses ( focus on „Peaceful Revolution“, 30 years anniversary of „Fall of the walls“​;

Afternoon: 4 citizens of Leipzig are guiding 4 groups through Leipzig, showing most important sights (e.g. the church named after Nikolai)  but also some special hidden places. They will discuss in which way the city has changed. What was here before? How did the people live? What became really beautiful in unified Germany? What are the famous places for Leipzig citzens. Is there something they are proud of? All 4 Leipzig citizens have a different background and age. There will be a successful business man or woman, moved to Leipzig several years ago (about 50 years old), a Leipzig citizen (50-60 years) who witnessed the last decades, one Leipzig-born citizen at the age of 20-30 years and one Leipzig citizen, who moved to Leipzig a the same age. ​

Day 3

Morning: Part 1: Workshop and Evaluation: The 4  groups discuss their tours. What have been showed? How did the local guides describe their cities? Have there bin similarities in the way, how they showed the city? Where have been differences? How would you describe the picture of Leipzig, which you take with you to Norway? ​

Part 2: Preparation for a dicussion with other Leipzig citizens. We invite 5 Leipzig citizen, who will present the following topics and discuss them with the students.

  1. Leipzig and music
  2. Leipzig and quality of life
  3. Leipzig and politics
  4. Leipzig and sports
  5. Leipzig and economy

​After a short introduction the 5 experts guide the students to places connected to their topic. The students will make short films, which they present to the students of the other groups?​

​Afternoon: The students will be separated in five groups and will discover the city focussing on their specific topic. The groups visit several different institutions and also one museum. For instance the „economy“-group will visit the Porsche factory, the sports group will visit a sports school, etc.)​

Evening: „Such things you only find in Leipzig“ –  art and culture in the backyards​

Day 4

Morning: School project at school in Leipzig​
​Part1: The norwegian students present the results of the past day to german students. The students from Leipzig add their personal impressions and knowledge and discuss with the norwegian students.

Part 2: What people from Norway know about Leipzig an d Germany? What is reported by the mass media? What do people from Leipzig know about Norway? What is reported by German mass media?​ What are the most actual political topics in Norway and Leipzig? Which of these topics is important for the students?​

Afternoon: Visit and Workshop at the MDR (Central German Broadcasting), partly together with students from Leipzig. Afterwards the Leipzig students go for shopping with the norwegian students. The MDR-Workshops can also be cancelled, so that the students have enough time for having ice-cream or shopping.​

​Day 5

Morning: Trip to Berlin, sheck-in at the accomodation​
Small introduction to Berlin before lunch: „Historical development of the city“​
​Afternoon: City tour in three guided groups​
a) The Berlin wall and its meaning in the past and today​
b) The artist community in Berlin​
c) The start-up community in Berlin​
Also here the students are asked to film their impressions, including small interviews with the guides or other interesting people. ​
Evening: Berlin – totally differen from Leipzig? What means mainstream, what is original? How much important is originality? Visit of a concert or theatre play.

Day 6

Morning: Visit of a school on similar topics like in Leipzig​
​Afternoon: Part 1: Shopping with students from the school of Berlin.​
Part 2: Workshop: Where have been differences between Leipzig and Berlin? What was different in the school? What city you prefer? What was different in comparison with Norway? Which historical facts you remember? Which political debates are held at the moment? Where would you prefer to live? Where you find more quality of life? What was unexpeced and new for you? What did you expect different? ​

Day 7


Sommerkurs Deutsch in Hamburg und Berlin

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