Trip to Hamburg focussing on

environmental sustainibility 


Target group: Norwegian school classes​

Language:  The trip can foster German as a foreign language but can also be used to attract pupils by using this topic for German and Germany. The whole project can also be provided in English. ​

Goals of the trip: ​

  • Provide pupils with knowledge on environmental problems, conceps of sustainability in general and regarding Germany
  • to get to know Hamburg
  • meeting wih a German school class
  • working in a school project focussing on environmental issues, accompanied by a film project​ to capture the learnings

​​​Travel Programme:

Day 1: 

Arrival, check in, reception​ 

Day 2:

Morning: Workshop and German Vocabulary focussing on environmental management and sustainibility/ preparation for the meeting with German students and the following excursions​

Afternoon: City tour with boat trip through the port of Hamburg, focus: „Hamburg as a clean city“

Day 3

Morning: Joint project focussing on environmental issues in a school in Hamburg​: School without plastic (how schools in Hamburg and Norway handle this problem? How much waste is produced in schools? How aware are students on environmental issues? What can be done more? Which concepts the students know, how can they learn from each other? What is actually restricted in schools in Hamburg? What shall be done in future (e.g. no more plastic bags, drinking straws, …) – main goal is the exchange and the development of german-norwegian posters with specific goals.

Afternoon: Hamburg/Wilhelmsburg ​

Together with the German students we visit the environmental agency of Hamburg. We also have the opportunity to visit entvironmental friendly homes from inside, e.g. a wooden modular house, or houses with seaweed facades.​

Day 4

Morning: Seminare in the House of Woods, www.wä  – together with German students​

Afternoon: Canoeing through Wilhelmsburg, facing IBA and IGA, finishing at the Café Energiebunker,, Visit of the company Hamburg Energie

Day 5:

Excursion to Bremerhaven/Bremen​

Morning: Visit of Klimahaus,, ​

Afternoon: Tour de Wind, Erlebnis Bremerhaven

Day 6:

Morning: Excursions to companies. We split the group into 5 small mixed groups with different topics, with students from Germany and Norway.​

a) Technological developments between Norway and Germany: cables from Northern Germany to Norway,  Tonstadt (NOR) – Wilster (DE)/ end of cable: Büsum/ end of project  2020​; Visit of NordLink

b) Siemens storage unit Hamburg-Bergedorf and Hamburg Harburg/ stone storage (together with Technical University Hamburg Harburg and Hamburg Energie)​

c) Lichtblick: swarm energy, pioneer of energy change

d) Nuclear Power: Dismantlich of the nuclear power plant „AKW Krümmel“

e) Helmholtzzentrum Geesthacht,

Afternoon: all groups have filmed their impressions, now they cut a presentation film and present it to the group (What did you see? What was new? Which questions you asked and how have they been answered? etc.) ​

Day 7:

Morning: Visit of Helmholz-Zentrum: Research field Earth and Environment, research reactors, students lab „quantum leap“ – together with German students ​

Afternoon: German students show their city to the Norwegian students. It is also possible only to go shopping or having ice cream.​

Evening: Farewell Party

Day 8:


The project can also be shortened by several days.

Sommerkurs Deutsch Berlin und Hamburg

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