Bert Krause


Educational Trips and Student Exchange

Date of Birth: 10.01.1976

Place of Residence: Hamburg


Mr Krause is an excellent tour guide because of his expertise concerning the preparation, attending and couseling before, within and after trips and excursions. Many years of experience for students and adults are the basis for his work as well as the far reaching knowlege of foreign languages, history and politics. He is able to motivate and guide even difficult groups. His tours are an example of lively, interesting and exciting events.


  • International Education Research Foundation, Culver City, USA/ accredited Master of Political Science
  • Europauniversität Viadrina, Frankfurt (Oder) Diploma, Cultural Science, major in comparative social science
  • Universidad de Sevilla, Sevilla, Spain: constitutional law
  • Industrial Chamber of Commerce, Potsdam: correspondent for Englisch
  • JULEIKA state approved guide for young adults and students
  • Central Union Highschool, El Centro, USA
  • Theodor Fontane School, Neuruppin, Germany
  • Activity in foreign exchange since 1997
  • Attending and education of children and young adults

Own experience abroad:

  • High School Year in USA/CA, 1993/1994
  • Semester of Law in Spain/Seville, 1999/2000
  • Teacher for English in Poland/Olsztyn, 2007/2012

Languages: fluent in English, Spanish, Polish; less fluent in  French, Danish and  Russian

Work experience as guide or educational contacts:

  • since 09/2014: Workshops and guide with aubiko e.V., Hamburg. Main focus: educational journeys for foreign exchange students
  • 02/2005-09/2014: Workshops with the Educational Center in Flecken Zechlin main focus: Workshops mostly for students between 13 and 19 years old, excursions and trips were regular parts of the workshops
  • 07/2005 up to now: YOUTH FOR UNDERSTANDING YFU, Hamburg leading preparational courses for the teachers from YFU. Teaching the teachers, students are beween 15 and 17 years old. Main focus: intercultural communication, political education, German as a foreign language. Lourneys and excursions concerning a current topic are regular parts of the courses. He prepares, attends the course, sets the content, method and is responsable for the students
  • 09/ 2007-08/2012: Master at the Ermland-Masuren University, Olsztyn/Poland Teacher of English in scientific fields of biology, politics, economy and law, trips and journeys were regular parts. In addition he worked as a translator and organized fairs and conferences
  • 03/2004-08/2007: Member of the Board of the Mediation Center in Frankfurt (Oder) conflict management, coachings, organizing mass events for educational facilities and organisations. Main focus: students with difficult social backrounds. In the course of workshops and excursions students learned to handle conflict situations
  • 09.2002-03.2003: European University Viadrina , Frankfurt (Oder) Master for the MBA programme, teaching and translation and attending englishspeaking participants. Starting point was student helper at the faculty of political schience at the university. During this time Bert Krause organized educational journeys to Warsaw in Poland
  • 05.2002-2007: Center for Tourism in Frankfurt (Oder) e.V., Frankfurt (Oder). Bert Krause worked as a guide and translator, He was booked many times because of his sympathetic and forthcomming ability and extensive knowlege in history and politics