Academic advising, preparation, and support for international students

So you are interested in applying to a German university, but need support with your preparations?

We can help find the right university and course for you and guide you through the necessary administrative steps such as dealing and registering with the various authorities, arranging your insurance, as well as applying to and enrolling at your chosen university.

Additionally, we offer a range of intercultural seminars and courses to get you ready for everyday life in Germany.

You’re already studying at a German university, but are not yet au fait with German academic culture and standards? Or are unsure of the exact nature of the course’s various means of assessment?

We offer guidance on delivering presentations, writing academic papers and preparing for your examinations.

Both our individual and group counselling services are available in English, Russian and Danish and by prior arrangement can also be offered in Spanish or Polish.

Needless to say, your initial enquiry to assess your requirements and determine in what way we can best be of assistance, is without any charge, so please feel free to call us at your convenience.